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  1. You can’t stop thinking about the book. Whether you’re in school, at home, in the mall or anywhere you just can’t stop thinking about what’s gonna happen next or what’s gonna happen to the characters. You just have to admit that physically you’re with your family and friends but mentally you’re stuck in the book.
  2. You feel lonely when you have to go out of the house. Because going out of the house means you have to stop reading. To others, “house” can be the room, because going out of the room means you have to stop reading because your mom is reminding you of the chores you have to do.
  3. If you see there are only a few pages left, your heart breaks. Once you’re hooked , you never want to stop reading. You don’t even mind reading a part 2 or a part 3. And no matter how the author finishes the book, you still find it hanging.
  4. You bring the book with you anywhere. The book you’re reading is always inside your bag because once you get a free time, you can just grab your book and start reading without second thoughts.
  5. You get overly attached. You cry in sad parts, you smile in happy parts. And when you’re reading in public you can’t stop yourself from smiling or crying, you don’t even care if the people think you’re crazy.
  6. You feel like the characters are real. For you, the characters aren’t fictional anymore. They’re real and they’re living somewhere and you want to meet them.
  7. Getting grounded or stuck in the house makes you happy. Getting grounded isn’t sad anymore or having no plans on the weekend doesn’t matter that much because you have your book beside you.
  8. You sleep beside your book. The last thing you do at night is read while the first thing you do in the morning after you wake up is still read.
  9. You get that “feeling” when your favorite book becomes a movie. That feeling when you don’t know if you should be glad or be slightly disappointed. Glad because you don’t have to rely on your imagination anymore and you see the characters come to life but slightly disappointed as well because pretty sure there will be cool scenes in the book that cannot be a part of the movie or scenes that are totally different from the one you’ve read.
  10. You can’t wait to share the story to your friend. This is because you want to talk about the book, you want someone else to relate. You want to share your feelings.You want them to feel how giddy the happy scenes made you feel and how the sad scenes broke your heart.
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Fifty Shades Trilogy


Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L James

Oh ! I just love this series. A round of applause to E.L. James for writing such wonderful and unforgettable books. Christian Grey is the definition of an ideal man in every girl’s dreams and Anastasia Steele is an innocent, unique and witty girl every guy wants to be with.

The moment I laid my eyes on the first book which is the Fifty Shades of Grey and started reading the first chapter, I can’t seem to stop that I legit pulled an all nighter that night and also to the next couple of nights  And this is something my mom has no idea about. But FYI, it was summer so sleeping late was acceptable. I’ll probably read this trilogy over and over for the rest of my life. No one can stop me.

There are a lot of bed scenes, emphasis on A LOT, but if you put ’em all aside and focus on their love story, you will find yourself reeling on every word. The words that comes out of Christian Grey’s mouth and the things he can do with that same mouth will totally give your entire body goosies.

Ugh, I just want a Christian Grey in my life. And if you’re a girl and you’ve read this series, don’t even try to deny your attraction towards this beautiful leading man. C’mon girls, let’s say it altogether…”UGH! I JUST WANT A CHRISTIAN GREY IN MY LIFE.” That’s it !

If you haven’t read this series than you missed one half of your life. I may or may not be kidding. Anyways, if you’re on the right age, I totally recommend this series to you.

P.S. If you’re like me who likes listening to music while reading books, I command you to listen to Forever by The Ambassadors while reading this series. 🙂

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Hey, guys ! My name is Christal, I’m a Filipino, I’m 17 years old and I’m a proud bookworm.I just love reading a lot, doesn’t matter what genre or who the author is. I’m probably that girl who is always staying in the corner while reading a book or the one that keeps borrowing books in a library. My reading list is endless because every time a book catches my attention or curiousity, they go directly in my reading list.

This blog will be all about my thoughts about certain books and certain authors. I’m gonna write about the characters and my feelings about them. I’ll also write, or rather type, stuff about being a book lover. I’ll try to jot down my emotions and the feelings I felt about reading a book.This is my first time making a blog so I hope you guys will find fun in reading my posts and be encouraged to read the books I’m posting about. I wish you guys will be able to relate to the situations I’m gonna be posting.

And also, most of the pictures you’ll see in this blog are pictures I do not own. Most of them are pictures I found in either Google or WeHeartIt.

Always remember, if you want your dark gray life to be full of colors, grab a book and start to read.