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Hey, guys ! My name is Christal, I’m a Filipino, I’m 17 years old and I’m a proud bookworm.I just love reading a lot, doesn’t matter what genre or who the author is. I’m probably that girl who is always staying in the corner while reading a book or the one that keeps borrowing books in a library. My reading list is endless because every time a book catches my attention or curiousity, they go directly in my reading list.

This blog will be all about my thoughts about certain books and certain authors. I’m gonna write about the characters and my feelings about them. I’ll also write, or rather type, stuff about being a book lover. I’ll try to jot down my emotions and the feelings I felt about reading a book.This is my first time making a blog so I hope you guys will find fun in reading my posts and be encouraged to read the books I’m posting about. I wish you guys will be able to relate to the situations I’m gonna be posting.

And also, most of the pictures you’ll see in this blog are pictures I do not own. Most of them are pictures I found in either Google or WeHeartIt.

Always remember, if you want your dark gray life to be full of colors, grab a book and start to read.



I'm an ordinary Filipino girl who has an intense addiction to books.

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