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Colleen Hoover


I decided to write about this author because she is one of my favorites.<3 And she’s the only author that I’ve met. So here’s how I knew her:

There was a time when I needed a break from scifi and mythologies, I wanted to go back to young adult. So I asked suggestions from my cousin and she introduced me to Colleen Hoover. I’ve already heard about her because my sister kept talking to me about the Slammed Series and how nice it is. She can’t stop talking about it and for that reason, I read Colleen Hoover’s first ever published book, which is Slammed. I remembered I stayed up all night reading that book and I never regretted it. I was hooked, absolutely and positively hooked, not just to the book but also to the author. From then on, I read every book published that is written by her. From Slammed to It Ends With Us. I just love the way she writes a book. The words are put accordingly together to form a sentence that brings so much meaning. I love the conflicts and unexpected twists she adds to make the readers more addicted and more emotional. And of course, the characters, the characters that I end up falling in love with. For me, it’s like the characters are real. I love how broken they are and how they find ways to bring themselves together with the help of love.

I told my friends about her books and they too fell in love. I’ve read all of her books including the series where she collaborated with Tarryn Fisher. I love her and I love her books because they help me realize how magical and powerful love can be.