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All The Bright Places

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All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

“The story of a boy called Finch and a girl named Violet.”

Jennifer Niven will literally break your little heart in two with this book. She’s one of those authors who sends the character you can’t help but to fall in love to into heaven. I know, I know, spoiler alert but you obviously saw it coming.

There are people saying this book is similar to The Fault In our Stars by John Green. I can’t say the same though, like the only similarity between them for me is that the male protagonist died. I find this book unique and most of all, heart-wrenching.

This story is about a girl who learns to live from a boy who intends to die. Theodore Finch is the kind of boy who likes death, he keeps imagining things or ways of how he might kill himself. At the same time, he’s also a great composer of songs . He lives for the present.On the other hand, Violet Markey lives for the future. She’s counting the days until her graduation. And she can’t wait to go to college and leave her small town. The two met in the bell tower of their school, both of them sitting on the ledge and one little move, just one tiny move can be the reason they’ll fall and die. To the people looking up on them, it was like Finch saved Violet but for the two parties involved, they’re confused of who saved whom. When both of them became partners for a school project where they have to discover the natural wonders of their state, Indiana, they found themselves drawn to each other. Finch can be himself when he’s with Violet and Violet forgets counting the days when she’s with Finch. But Violet really has no idea of what’s going on in Finch’s mind. in the end, Violet’s love for Finch wasn’t enough to make him stay alive.

i love this book. I learned a lot from it , for instance, what Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect is. And it raised my awareness of suicide and mental illness. These are so serious and if ever you know someone who’s suicidal or someone with mental illness, you should really call for help because these people are the ones who badly needs guidance and treatment.They should be treated quickly before it’s too late like what happened to Finch. NO one deserves to go through the things he went through.

“You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.” – Theodore Finch

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Me Before You


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

If you’re looking for a tear-jerking book then this is exactly the book I would recommend to you. Jojo Moyes just made every reader of this book cry. If you’ve read this book and never shed a single tear, I don’t know what you are. Surely, you’re not a human. Sorry not sorry. Because I believe nobody finishes this book without crying maybe a barrel or two of tears. That’s how sentimental this book is.

So this story is about a woman, Louisa Clark, who lives in a small town and has a very interesting sense of fashion, a girl who is contented with her life and is ready take any job just to help her family. Then there’s Will Traynor who lives in a castle. He was once a risk-taker, adventurous and ambitious type of guy but after a tragic accident, his life was turned upside down. The accident damaged his spine that caused his quadriplegia.

So these two persons with totally opposite characteristics gets to spend 6 months together due to Louisa’s desperate actions. Then eventually they fell in love but this love wasn’t enough to stop Will from going to Switzerland and undergo dignitas.

This book is just the most heartbreaking book for me. I don’t even know what to feel towards Will. I kind of hate him for leaving Louisa but at the same time I understand and respect his decision because a life where you’re fully independent to other people to the point that they have to spoon-feed you because you can’t eat by yourself is the kind of life you don’t want to live, especially if you’re a person like Will. And because of this, I admire his bravery. I also can’t help but pity Louisa, imagine falling deeply in love with a boy who you will lose inevitably. No girl deserves to feel that way.

This book is definitely a must-read. It will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions that’ll leave you thinking about it for days.

“Live boldly.Push yourself.Don’t settle.Just live.” – William Traynor

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Fifty Shades Trilogy


Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L James

Oh ! I just love this series. A round of applause to E.L. James for writing such wonderful and unforgettable books. Christian Grey is the definition of an ideal man in every girl’s dreams and Anastasia Steele is an innocent, unique and witty girl every guy wants to be with.

The moment I laid my eyes on the first book which is the Fifty Shades of Grey and started reading the first chapter, I can’t seem to stop that I legit pulled an all nighter that night and also to the next couple of nights  And this is something my mom has no idea about. But FYI, it was summer so sleeping late was acceptable. I’ll probably read this trilogy over and over for the rest of my life. No one can stop me.

There are a lot of bed scenes, emphasis on A LOT, but if you put ’em all aside and focus on their love story, you will find yourself reeling on every word. The words that comes out of Christian Grey’s mouth and the things he can do with that same mouth will totally give your entire body goosies.

Ugh, I just want a Christian Grey in my life. And if you’re a girl and you’ve read this series, don’t even try to deny your attraction towards this beautiful leading man. C’mon girls, let’s say it altogether…”UGH! I JUST WANT A CHRISTIAN GREY IN MY LIFE.” That’s it !

If you haven’t read this series than you missed one half of your life. I may or may not be kidding. Anyways, if you’re on the right age, I totally recommend this series to you.

P.S. If you’re like me who likes listening to music while reading books, I command you to listen to Forever by The Ambassadors while reading this series. 🙂